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About Us

Hi There!

We, at Telly Episodes are extremely passionate about television serials and upload latest episode updates on our blog to satisfy your curiosity to know about," what's going to come up at evening?" Our passion for serials don't just end with watching them but goes much further to imitate them. We try our best to provide you with similar dresses and jewelries as worn by your favorite actress and actor in the serial.

We're currently in the process of creating same matches for you and will be ready with it as soon as possible. We might not own all the items and hence, many of the products will be sourced from other merchants and if possible, we will link the other merchants the link so that it becomes easier for you to get them.

If you're also passionate about serials or would love to get that look from serials then, connect with us on YouTube as well as Instagram. Our YouTube channel is focused on updating you with daily spoilers as early as possible and out Instagram page is focused on relate-able memes from serials and matching look of the actor.

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